• Hole 6, Seletar Country Club
  • Hole 8, Changi Course, National Service Resort & Country Club
  • Hole 10, Garden Course, Tanah Merah Country Club

1st SGA Junior Camp

The first ever SGA Junior Camp was held on the 12th-13th of June at the Sentosa Golf Club. The camp was created to promote the game of golf among talented young Singaporeans, and to select a Junior Squad team through a series of quantitative tests and a 9 hole game. The camp generated a lot of buzz in the days leading up to it, and on the first day of the camp there were many visibly excited junior golfers eager to test their skills in the program that was lined up for them.

Please Click H E R E for the list of SGA Junior Squad.

12 June

Upon their arrival in the morning, the juniors were introduced to High Performance Manager Jerome Ng as well as Elite and Development Squad members who would serve as camp mentors. The juniors were given a brief outline for the day before splitting into groups of 6 and heading to the practice facilities.

After a short warm-up session, the various groups were positioned at different stations around the practice facilities and rotated around every 15-20 minutes. The short game stations covered the basic shots around the green, such as the bump & run shot and the bunker shot, in addition to putting. The mentors explained the fundamentals of the shot at hand before demonstrating how to play the shot. The long game stations had the juniors go through their bags while the mentors take note of their abilities and skill levels. It was a very productive practice session and a good warm up for the skill tests to come.

After lunch break, the juniors went out into the sun once again to commence on their 1st skills test. There was a noticeable change from the bustling in the morning, as the juniors quietened down so as to focus on the myriad of tests prepared for them. With Sentosa’s fast and hard greens, some juniors found it a bit of a challenge in the short game tests as they were not used to those conditions. Nevertheless, the juniors tried their best to adapt to the conditions and produced some exquisite shots that impressed the mentors.

The juniors teed off at around 430pm for their 9 hole round on The Serapong. With its famed difficulty and large undulating greens, the Serapong course provided a strong test for the juniors. Despite these challenges, the juniors relished playing on a championship golf course and gave them an idea of the demands that the professionals face during the Singapore Open.

Blessed with good weather, the juniors managed to finish 9 holes without a hitch. After a long day under the sun, the juniors went home exhausted but in great anticipation for Day 2.

13th June

The juniors once again gathered bright and early at The Pavilion. Elite Squad members Gregory Foo and Joshua Shou inspired the juniors with a motivational talk. They shared about their journeys and experiences over the years representing Singapore in international tournaments and major games, imparting sound advice and lifelong lessons. The juniors listened intently to the two ES players and tried to soak up as much as they could. Jerome ended off the session with a few inspirational words of his own.

After the inspiring presentation, the juniors were out for a short warm-up session before resuming their morning skills test. With their hunger satisfied and energy renewed after the lunch break, the juniors went back out to continue with more skills tests. The sun was out in full force that afternoon, but the juniors braved the heat and focused their full attention on the challenging tests.

After the completion of their final skills test, the juniors gathered at the range for a creative shotmaking workshop conducted by Jerome, with demonstrations by ES members Joshua Shou, Wong Qiwen and Gregory Foo. As Jerome had the ES members hit different shots, he explained the importance of varying the type of shot to different situations, instead of always practicing the same shot over and over again. The juniors were visibly impressed by the ball-striking displayed by the three ES members.

After 2 gruelling days, the juniors and parents headed back to The Pavilion for the prize presentation dinner. There was a bit of a suspense for the prize presentation due to the fact that nobody knew their exact score. 5 prizes were given out for each division (1&2), and each winner who went onto the stage had a huge smile on their face. The 1st SGA Junior Camp concluded successfully with rousing applause from the juniors, the parents, and all who were present.