SGA Centralised Handicapping System (CHS) – FAQ

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1. What is the SGA Centralised Handicapping System (CHS)?

Ans:          The SGA Centralised Handicapping System (CHS), as its name implies, is a system that computes all handicapping scoring data centrally and distributes the processed handicap data to all SGA Members for their Handicap Committees to review before release to CHS.  Scores can be posted anywhere and anytime either by the clubs or individually by golfers through club terminals, via the Internet or through the phone app. CHS also tracks golfers who play at any golf courses in Singapore and requires that a score be posted in order for golfers to avoid being awarded a penalty score.

2. How different is it from the current SGA National Handicap Book (NHB)?

Ans:          As far as display of golfers’ Handicap Index is concerned, CHS is no different from the National Handicap Book (NHB).  However, NHB only displays the handicap data of golfers and does not process them.  All scores posted either by players or clubs go directly to their respective club’s system where they are computed separately.  Thereafter, the Handicap Index that have been generated are submitted by all SGA Members to NHB for display. 

3. How do I register for the SGA CHS?

Ans:          Golfers who are members of SGA Ordinary and Associate Members can register directly for CHS by logging in to the “Register for CHS” button on the CHS website (  Golfers are required to fill in the data requested and indicate that they give consent to their data being collected, used and/or disclosed for CHS purposes. These may include their name, gender, home club, membership number, Handicap Index, scoring records, dates of play and places of play.

4. Can I register for the SGA CHS but not give consent for CHS to use my personal handicap data?

Ans:          No.  Golfers who do not give consent will not be able to complete their registration for CHS.  As such, they will not be able to use CHS. 

5. Why must I activate my CHS account after registration?

Ans:          Golfers who have successfully registered and have had their membership details authenticated by their home club will be sent an email to activate their account.  They will also be requested to set their password before they can start using CHS.  In addition, golfers will be required to give their consent again before activation is successful.  Once this is done, golfers are free to post their scores immediately anywhere and anytime. 

6. What if I forget my password?

Ans: Click on the “FORGOT PASSWORD” link on the main page, and fill up the form that is displayed.  The membership number and email address you enter must match those which are stored in CHS.  You will then receive an email containing a link to set your new password.

7. Will I be given a new CHS number?

Ans:          No.  Golfers need to only select their home club and key in their club membership number to log in to CHS once they have successfully activated their CHS account. 

8. What happens if I missed the CHS initial registration cut-off date?

Ans:          Once CHS is officially launched on 4 Aug 2016, golfers who have missed registering for CHS will still be able to do so.  The process is similar and when their CHS account is activated golfers may start posting their scores immediately. Golfers’ handicap history from NHB will be retained as at the 1st Aug 2016 revision.  However, their newly calculated handicap data will only be displayed at the next revision date.

9. How do I register for CHS if I do not have an email and do not have the means to obtain one?

Ans:          Golfers who do not have an email but wish to use CHS will have to register through their home club.  Their home club will register and activate their account on their behalf.  However, such golfers will not be able to post their scores online.  Their clubs will manually post their scores to CHS for them.  As such, all golfers are encouraged to go online to make full use of CHS!

10. Do I have an option not to participate in CHS?

Ans:          Yes.  However, that means that you will not have a valid USGA Handicap Index. 

11.  Do I need to give my details when registering to play at other club’s golf courses?

 Ans:          Yes, you will be asked to provide your home club and membership number to the club where you are playing.  This will allow CHS to capture your details and require you to post a score after completing your game. 

12. Can I play in other clubs without a CHS issued USGA Handicap Index?

Ans:          This will depend on the clubs that you wish to play at.  Currently, not all SGA Ordinary Members’ require that golfers possess a valid USGA Handicap Index to play at their courses.  However, this may change and golfers may need a USGA Handicap Index before they can play. 

13. Can I play in golf events like charity opens or corporate golf games without a CHS issued USGA Handicap Index?

Ans:          Again this depends on the organisers of such events.  However, golfers without a valid USGA Handicap Index may face complications if there is a claim, for example, for a hole-in-one prize.  Most insurance companies would require proof of USGA Handicap Index when processing such prizes. 

14. Can my home club issue me with a handicap?

Ans:          All SGA Members are sub-licenced by SGA to issue USGA Handicap Index to their members using SGA CHS.  Any handicaps that are issued outside SGA CHS are not recognised. 

15. When is the CHS revision date?

 Ans:          The CHS revision date is the 1st of each month.  However, the cut-off date is the 26th day of the preceding month.  Any scores posted after that date will be processed in the following month. 

 16. How do I post my scores?

 Ans:          Golfers can post their scores anywhere and anytime using their club’s terminal, the Internet or through their iOS or Android phone app.

17. Can I still post my scores using my club’s scorecard?

Ans:          Yes, you may still post scores using a scorecard.  However, this means your club will have to post your score to CHS.  We encourage golfers to take full advantage of CHS and post scores themselves.  Please note that you should not submit your scorecard to your club if you have already posted your scores directly to CHS.

18. What happens if I do not post my score after a game?

Ans:          If you do not post an acceptable score within 13 days of playing, CHS will post a penalty score equal to the lowest Handicap Differential in your scoring record on the 14th day. 

19. How do I change an incorrectly posted score?

Ans:          An incorrect score that has been posted can only be changed by your club.  Please approach your club staff to make any corrections to scores that you have posted before the next revision date. 

20. I am a member of several clubs.  Do I have to designate a home club?

Ans:          Yes, you must designate a home club for handicapping purposes.  Your home club should be the club where you play the most golf. 

21.  Will CHS replace the role of my club Handicap Committee?

Ans:          No, CHS does not replace the responsibilities of your club Handicap Committee.  Club Handicap Committees will, at their monthly meeting, review all handicapping data before they are released for display on CHS. 

22. Is my club Handicap Committee still responsible for my Handicap Index?

Ans:          Yes.  Your club Handicap Committee is the only authority that can issue or adjust your Handicap Index. 

 23.  Do club Handicap Committees still have the responsibility to conduct its monthly meeting to review the Handicap Index of its members?

Ans:          Yes.  CHS does not absolve the responsibilities of club Handicap Committees to ensure the integrity of the Handicap Index that are issued to their members. 

24. What happens to my CHS handicap scoring records if I am no longer a member of my club?

Ans: If you are no longer a member of an SGA Ordinary or Associate Member, you will not be eligible to hold a USGA Handicap Index.  However, your handicap scoring records will be kept in CHS for up to a year and will be transferred to your new club, if you decide to join one. 

 25.  What happens to my child who is no longer a junior member of my club and is not eligible to maintain his/her Handicap Index under my membership?

Ans: Clubs’ junior members’ terms and conditions will apply.  CHS is available only to members of SGA Ordinary and Associate Members. 


20 Jun 2016