Team Manager’s TOR

(Volunteer) Golf Team Manager’s Terms of Reference

1. Where necessary, SGA will appoint a (Volunteer) Team Manager to lead its golf team on overseas tournaments. The (Vol) Team Manager’s responsibilities include the initial coordination and arrangement to ensure that all the necessary details of the trip and tournament are tied up.  This is followed by the proper management of the team players during the tournament.  It ends when the team is safely back home.

Terms and Conditions
2. Accommodation at the location of the tournament will be arranged by SGA.  An out-of-pocket allowance of S$100 per day (regardless of country and whether meals are provided by the organizer) will be given.  A day is defined as a 24 hour block which will begin from time of departure to time of arrival.  Any period less than 12 hours will be considered as ½ day.

Responsibilities and Duties
3. The following paragraphs outline the (Volunteer) Team Manager’s responsibilities and duties.  The guideline is not exhaustive and Team Manager is encouraged to use his initiative to cover any contingencies that may arise.

Initial Coordination by SGA
4. SGA will contact a (Volunteer) Team Manager (TM) to assist in leading a golf team on an overseas tournament.  SGA will carry out the initial coordination and arrangement and issue the Tournament Information and Instruction at least one week prior to departure.

(Volunteer) Team Manager’s Responsibilities
Prior to Departure
5. Once a TM has committed his time to lead a golf team, he will report to SGA Office at least 3 days prior to departure to:

a. Collect Tournament Information and Instruction and note specific requirements including amount of fund allocated to the tournament.
b. Collect and cash cheque for the tournament.
c. Change amount allocated for petty cash into foreign currency.
d. Collect air tickets for the team.
e. Collect memento, State Flag/National Anthem CD (if needed).

6. He must then establish communication with the players and remind them of the time and date of departure.

7. Day of Departure
a. Organise luggage and collect the passports of the players for check-in.
b. Hold return tickets for players.
c. Return passport and hand out boarding ticket to players.
d. Hand over players’ out-of-pocket allowance and ensure that players acknowledge receipt of allowance by signing for it.
e. Inform SGA of any absentees or changes to departure schedule.

8. On Arrival at Host Country
a. Establish initial contact with the Tournament Organiser, if arrangement has been made for the team to be met at the airport.
b. Organise transport for the team to hotel or golf course, as appropriate.
c. Register the team at the hotel and allocate rooms to players.
d. Establish contact with organizer to obtain latest details of tournament and practice round.
e. Inform players of the plan for the remainder of the day and the following day.

Daily Activity Cycle for Team Manager
9. The night before tournament
a. Establish the time for breakfast, if taken at hotel, or time of departure for the golf club;
b. Inform players of the team T- shirt for next day’s tournament;
c. Arrange for and inform players of time of morning call.
d. Ensure players turn in for the night.

10. Morning of Tournament
a. Ensure players are awake after morning call has been made;
b. Ensure players have taken breakfast, if applicable, and ready to depart for golf club;
c. Account for all players in the bus before departure.

11. On Arrival at the Golf Club
a, Ensure players take breakfast, if applicable;
b. Check tee times and allocation of caddies/ buggies;
c. Facilitate players’ use of driving range;
d. Ensure players are on time for tee off.

12. During Round
a. Be available, especially, during cross over of play to assist players, where necessary.

13. Before Departing Golf Club
a. Confirm arrangements for next day’s round.
b. Check on tee times.
c. Facilitate players’ need to use driving range before departing, if necessary.

14. Evening
a. Confirm time and venue for dinner with players.
b. Debrief and highlight any points as appropriate.
c. Inform players of time to turn in for the night.

Manager’s Other Administrative Responsibilities
15. Confirm flight details with airline for return journey.
16. Update SGA daily on players’ status in the tournament.
17. Make thank you speech, present and accept memento on behalf of SGA during Prize Presentation.
18. Note important telephone numbers:
a. SGA Office 62561318
b. GM’s HP 96752523

Departure for Home
19. Organise transport for airport, if not provided by organizer.
20. Check team in for flight home.
21. Inform SGA of any delay in flight schedule.

On Return to Singapore
22. Within 3 working days of return to Singapore, TM is to submit the Tournament Report, Official Results and Statement of Account to SGA.
23. He is to return any balance of funds and to hand over any memento.

24. The successful management of a SGA golf team’s trip on an overseas tournament lies to a large extent on the Team Manager. The duties outlined, whilst not exhaustive, will assist him in carrying out his responsibilities.

SGA Secretariat
Revised 11 Mar 09.
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Team Manager’s Tournament Report

1. Name of Tournament:

2. Date of Tournament:

3. Venue:

4. Team Composition:
a. Team Manager:
b. Players:

5. Daily Account of Activities: Give relevant account of daily activities, including departure, practice round, players’ performance during tournament rounds, final scores, prize presentation and return trip.

6. Recommendations: Highlight any recommendations, if any, to improve management of golf team on overseas tournaments.

7. Conclusion:

Statement of Account

Amount Received S$__________

Less Expenditure:

a) Tournament Entry Fee                      $__________
b) Caddy Fee/Caddy Tips                     $__________
c) Buggy/Trolley Fee                             $__________
d) Player Allowance                               $__________
e) Official Allowance                              $__________
f) Hotel Accommodation                         $__________
g)                                                           $__________
h)                                                           $__________
i)                                                            $__________
j)                                                            $__________ $__________

                                                          Balance (Deficit) $__________

Prepared by:

____________________                               __________________
Name of Team Manager                                 Signature/Date

Note: Statement of account must be accompanied by receipt of acknowledgement of individuals who have been given cash. Details must include name, amount received, date and signature.